sabato 31 Ottobre 2020

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SS1G- A. Baccelli-Dipartimento di Lettere- a.s.2020/2021.

Elementary Watson

The Playground back to the stage with a new fantastic show.

On February 6th, some classes of our school, A.Baccelli, saw the  theatrical show in English: “Elementary Watson”. The  protagonist was Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all  time. This show was written and performed by ‘The Playgroup‘, a theatrical company.

The story is about the mysterious death of a noble English  widow :Lady Blackwood. Her funeral takes place so quickly that many of his friends and relatives aren’t able to participate. Because of the failure of every  police ‘s attempt to make any progress in the case,  they decide to call upon the well known detective Sherlock Holmes  and his loyal assistant, Doctor Watson for an help. Sherlock thinks it could be  an ideal opportunity for Watson to use his detective skills and puts him in charge of the case. Watson interrogates the members of Lady Blackwood’s household. First Sir Julian, Lady Blackwood’s nephew, who  frequently asks his aunt for money in order to finance his gambling addictions. Then Watson interviews Lady Blackwood’s faithful butler, James, but he is very suspicious. When Sherlock Holmes returns to the  crime’s scene, Watson explains his theories of how Lady Blackwood could be killed.With brilliant logic and acute observation, Sherlock discovers further clues, including a mysterious curler. He decides to send Watson to a distant, exotic land to get more information about the curler. After meeting several strange and fascinating characters, Watson comes back with some very important and surprising information.What really happened to Lady Blackwood? Was she killed by her desperate nephew for her money? Or was the killer her faithful butler James? Before Sherlock Holmes reveals the truth, the audience was invited to judge for themselves. The story was entirely written and invented by the company.This theatrical representation brings together two genres, comedy and yellow. The spectators were very intrigued and amused by  the story and his plot.  All the characters of the play  were performed by men, even Lady Blackwood. This has happened because  male actors are a bit ‘as a custom of England, because in the past it was forbidden for women to perform as actresses. The playground company was born in 1987 and is nowadays composed of two English players and an Italian one. The two English actors are called Eddie Roberts and Simon Edmond and the Italian one is called Francesco di Gennaro. To create and prepare a show they employ more or less three months. At the end of the show we asked a lot of questions to the actors. This show, the final applause, one senses both loved it.

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