sabato 31 Ottobre 2020

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SS1G- A. Baccelli-Dipartimento di Lettere- a.s.2020/2021.


On Monday 11/12/17 our class went to the Giuseppetti Theatre to see the English show of Treasure Island. We arrived at 10:00am and we came back school at 13:00pm. We were accompanied by our English teacher M.Moltoni. The show started with the presentation of the protagonist: a 12 years old boy named Jim. He worked in her mother’s pub. One day an old man entered the pub (Billy Bones ) announcing to everyone he he was a pirate; after drinking a lot of rum the drunk man died and Jim found in his bag a treasure map and five gold doubloons. Jim announced to his mother found he would like to go in search of the treasure marked on Billie’s map. Her mother said:- You are too small and then you don’t even have a boat to reach the island of this treasure!- Jim answered the treasure was full of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones. Jim’s mother gave him the gold doubloons to buy the boat, the food and a crew ( made up of only one incredible actor who played multiple roles). A member of the crew was but also the antagonist : the pirate Long John Silver; he was looking for the treasure, too. After a break the show started again with Jim’s arrival on the Island; but here he discovers that Long John wanted to kill him to steal his map. The protagonist Jim escapes into the jungle where he found a sailor left there years before by his captain. The antagonist Long John discovers him and engages a furious fight with the sailor. The pirate Long John eventually wins and discovers the treasure ……the end of the show was then a real surprise!!!!! The sailor found in the forest declared he would really have some cheese in exchange for the treasure and suddenly…. He began to speak Neapolitan. After having had a good laugh the show finished and we went back to school.

Edited by Gianluca Getchev 3F